Gregg Haft

Investment Sales Specialist

With over 30 years of real estate and business experience, Gregg Haft brings exceptional real-world expertise to every transaction. He and his family partners have bought, sold, and held multiple investment properties over the years, and his depth of knowledge provides his clients with a 360-degree view of each deal.

Gregg thoroughly vets every opportunity from acquisition to exit strategy. He believes having a broader view backed by in-depth analysis is the key to making great long-term investments. As a result of his passion, hard work, and time-tested strategy, Gregg has built tremendous rapport with buying groups who view him as an extension of their acquisition teams.

Gregg began his career at a furnishings company, where he was named president before the age of 30 and grew annual revenue from $8 million to $75 million. He functioned as both leader and CFO, negotiating dozens of loan agreements, factoring contracts, budgets, and valuations. Gregg combined his hands-on style with intuition and creativity to guide the firm to unprecedented success and globalization. He also orchestrated several joint ventures and strategic alliances with firms in China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Mexico. Later, Gregg added to his significant expertise with entrepreneurial endeavors, private equity roles, and the acquisition of intellectual property.

Gregg is a commercial broker with a worldly point-of-view. He knows how to get his clients the right investments for their goals while achieving profitable returns. He believes that change is the only constant, and he strives to ensure his clients are prepared for every market condition.

Gregg is also founder and CEO of Haft Real Estate Investment Service's LLC, an investment and financing platform. The Company has investments in multi-family and industrial properties in Brooklyn, New York, and focuses on bridge loan and hard money lending.

Gregg is a native New Yorker and a father of four. He enjoys sports, theater, and travel.

Gregg Haft