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Brooklyn Bridge
Sandra proved to be invaluable as our buyers agent in the search for the perfect apartment in New York City. She provided continued support & knowledge along the way and was always attentive to our needs. Her punctuality and responsiveness was always appreciated. She was able to explain and manage the antiquated co-op process eloquently and we enjoyed her personable approach. It was a pleasure to work with Sandra and we wish her continued success!
The Frasers
Brooklyn Bridge
Working with Ethan was a real treat! He was able to navigate the complex process of buying (and selling!) in a way that made it less stressful for us. He was eager to be helpful - going above and beyond what was expected of him. He was always available and ready to explore properties, had a great sense of the market and how to best proceed throughout the process, and was able to keep the big picture in focus at all times. He was smart, savvy, and we were happy to have him at our side throughout the process!
We feel so fortunate to have found Ethan at the beginning of our property search adventure! His expertise on the neighborhoods and pricing was invaluable. But even more important and appreciated was his partnership and patience in finding and helping us buy the apartment that?s perfect for us in a building that?s perfect for us. We are so happy with the end result, as well as the process that got us there. We highly recommend Ethan and will be sure to find him next time we are in the market.
Ethan did a fantastic job selling our home and he was a pleasure to work with!
Talia − Great Neck, New York
Brooklyn Bridge
Sandra Levykh was super attentive and committed to finding me an apartment that fits my needs and preferences! When we found the perfect apartment for me, I was getting worried because applications were being submitted nonstop. But Sandra's negotiation skills and know-how ensured I was able to get my application / offer accepted and land my lovely apartment! Thanks Sandra!
Ethan exhibits a talent that's so very unique and differentiates him far above those who try to mirror his special talent. He's able to compliment , read and interpret the clients desires while bringing them a reality of a successful transaction to a completion.
Brooklyn Bridge
Sandra's skills and knowledge were were invaluable in the sale of my coop. She was committed, enthusiastic and thorough. Her ability in the successful negotiation and completion of the many and varied phases of real estates transactions was critical to the success of my sale and the record time in which we reached closing!
I worked with several agents already but no one beats Sandra Levykh. She helped us with condo purchasing from the start until the contract signing. We cannot forget how many sleepless nights she gave on this project just to speed up the process. Her negotiation skills were awesome. You can never go wrong with Sandra.